Are you just like me?
Her eyes, her eyes were as vacant as the seas
Dead eyes, dead eyes
Are you just like me?

about me

im an introvert, and my whole life seems to consist of listening to music,
feeling sorry for myself, and doing homework. i dont have many friends,
and i complain about this a lot but in the end i prefer to be alone. if i
could choose, i'd just live by myself in a cabin in the woods surrounded
by animals with no humans around for miles. i've accepted my fate to be
alone forever, as i am the most romantically unlucky person i've ever hear
of. unfortunately that doesn't stop me from hoping. also, im aware of how
incredibly cringey this whole site is, but i don't care. i never talk to
anyone about my feelings in real life, so i need somewhere to channel them.
i can laugh and be bubbly and forget about who i am in front of people but
im never really there. i feel like i sound more unhappy than i
really am on this page - i'm not extremely sad all the time, i am mostly
just empty, which i am okay with, its just that i write in my journal/website
when a moment of sadness or anger or even happiness takes up that empty
space. i do believe that humans are worthless and conceited, and the world
would be a much better place if we went extinct and left the earth to the
animals. humanity is overrated. in terms of more solid facts about me, im 16,
look kinda average, and out of everything in the world i love my dog and my
home country the most in the world. I speak english the best, majdnem
tokeletesen magyarul, und ein bisschen Deutsch (ich habe seit drei Jahre
lernen). all in all im pretty boring. i guess my personality is better
summed up in my music or journal pages. thats all for now.